a journal between us (India)


Drawing on my personal practice of keeping a journal for over 15 years, I started this project as an experiment in how I might document and share my time in India as a teaching artist in residence at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. Sixteen New York-based participants were invited to be part of the project and commit to these three actions:

1. Receive a journal entry from me written between November 13- December 15, 2014

2. Respond to the journal entry on the back side of the pages received.

3. Meet with me in person to return the journal entry with response and discuss the contents of our two entries in person.

I met with all participants and collected their letters and responses. In January 2016, I presented Closer, a game about intimacy between strangers drawing text from these letters.

Project participants: Leticia Gutierrez, Beatriz Meseguer, David Sheinkopf, Madeleine Witenberg, Mary Malaythong, Sara Harari, Todd Shalom, Colleen Brogan, Nancy Nowecek, Raul Valverde, Samuel Yesab, Stina Poutinen, Alison Burstein, Manuel Molina Martagon, Janelle Grace*.

* This participant's letter never arrived from India.