MoMA Studio: Exchange Café

May 24- June 30, 2013
The Museum of Modern Art

Organized in collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Caroline Woolard, MoMA Studio: Exchange Café was a social space dedicated to the exploration of artistic and personal exchange practice. The Studio facilitated participatory engagement considering notions of reciprocity, value and property through shared experiences of drinking tea, making, and talking. This drop-­‐in space was free and open to publics of all ages. The Studio was a collaboration between Caroline Woolard, Sheetal Prajapati and Sarah Kennedy. 

Project Collaborators

BeeSpace NYC Urban Beekeepers
Feral Trade Courier Courier Network
Kenneth Kdusei Policy Worker
Richard Knox Artist
Milk Not Jails Social Advocacy
MultiAgency Collective Data Visualization
Occupy Museums Activists ArtistBarter Network
Forest Purnell Artist
Carla Sandberg Artist
Sewing Circle Independent Group Peer Learning
Ryan Tempro Artist
Lika Volkova Fashion Designer