We Are Not Alone

Buttons, staircase, glue, string, velrco, fabric, wooden dowels, pegboard, LED light, lite-brite pegs, fabric, wooden dowels

During my residency at Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina, I built "We Are Not Alone", a two-part interactive and meditative site-specific installation.

In the museum's second floor, "Alone Zone" space, I recreated the constellation Gemini as a hanging mobile in the room. Gemini, signifying twins, serves as a visual meditation on the notion of being alone with oneself, expressing the multiplicity of identities we embody. This piece is constructed from small sculptural clusters of buttons sewn together by the store's original owner and operator, Sylvia Gray.

The second part of the work is an interactive installation beneath a set of floating stairs on the first floor of the museum. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the space one at a time to create their own constellations on a custom made light board using lite brite pegs from the collection. The installation includes handmade custom button clusters. Each cluster is hung in the space for visitors to see, touch and play with. The cloth exterior features a hand sewn recreation of the constellation Eridanus.

This project is drawn from my larger interest in creating spaces for visitors to encounter Elsewhere and its collection in intimate ways - welcoming people to consider their relationship to space and to themselves through object-based experiences.