Misc Projects

These are creative projects by other artists I was invited to participate in.

Useful Objects
February 7th, 2015 – March 1st, 2015
Useful Objects is an exhibition of art, objects and artifacts, paying homage to the enduring simplicity of the useful object, as it creates a playful dialogue with an often-forgotten moment in history when art and commerce briefly joined forces toward a utopian goal. Contributions by Kadambari Baxi, Diane Bertolo, Constantin Boym, Sasha Chavchavadze, Charlotte Cohen, Maureen Connor, Nick Defriez, Jeremy Dine, Cathy Feurst, Charles Goldman, Nene Humphrey, Tatiana Istomina,Tom La Farge, Ksenya Malina, Tammy Pittman, Sheetal Prajapati, PK Ramani, Tony Stanzione, Mike Train, Alexandra Walcott, Wendy Walker, Wendy Woon

Speculative Futurism
speculativefuturism.tumblr.com / @specfuturism
February 2015, ongoing
Speculative Futurism is an experimental project organized by Willa Köerner that unfolded online, and in print format in the winter/spring issue of SFAQ magazine. it is an interview open to all, using the format of Twitter to regulate, systematize, and propel a conversation about speculative futures, inviting people to share their HOPES and FEARS. Project curator Willa Köerner invited a group of featured participants: Will Brown, Alex Teplitzky, Anna Muessig, Annalee Newitz, Anthony Discenza, Barry Threw, Bean Gilsdorf, Ben Valentine, Charles Cabbage, Daniel Morgan, Dorothy Santos, Gregory Stock, Guinevere de la Mare, Jeff Tidwell, Jillian Steinhauer, Kara Q. Smith, Keir Winesmith, Ken Eklund, Man Bartlett, Morehshin Allahyari, Neal Stimler, Olof Mathé, Paolo Salvagione, Rachel Craft , Sara Thacher, Sarah Bailey Hogarty, Sheetal Prajapati, Tim Belonax, Zoë Salditch

The Parable Conference
Letters, live performance and publication, 2014
Artist Pablo Helguera corresponds with invited audience members in advance of his performance at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) as part of Brooklyn Bred, a performance art showcase curated by Franklin Furnace Archive founder and director Martha Wilson. A collection of these letters was published by Jorge Pinto Books Inc.

Vita Vel Regula (Rules of Life)
2013- ongoing
The work by artist Pablo Helguera is a game for 50 participants, to be played only once. Each participant receives 16 sealed envelopes labeled with specific opening dates and instructions. The game started on March 1st, 2013, and will end on November 23, 2097, or with the passing of the last participant. Helguera invited 25 participants with whom he shares a strong family, personal or professional relationship, to participate in this project. The 25 remaining participants include those who attended the opening event of the project in Milan, Italy.