ŠTO TE NEMA is a participatory public monument to the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide. Since 2006, this annual nomadic monument has been presented through an ongoing partnership between the artist Aida Šehović and Bosnian diaspora communities in various public squares around the world aiming to create sites of remembrance together.

The 2020 monument was presented alongside larger commemoration events and gatherings at the burial site of the victims in collaboration with the Memorial Center Srebrenica-Potočari and Post-Conflict Research Center, and with local community supporters on July 10 and 11, 2020. The project’s ongoing collaborators, Women of Srebrenica Association / Udruženje “Žene Srebrenice” were also part of this commemorative event. 

To mark these critical anniversaries and recognize the powerful convergence of actions in Potočari/Srebrenica, ŠTO TE NEMA 2020 will also bring together the story of fifteen years of collective labor and global community building through the production of a feature length documentary film, “Where have you been?”, tracing the project’s origins, in collaboration with Pinch Media

To date, the project team for 2020 has raised over $150,000 for this intiative with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Open Society Foundation. 

2020 Project Team
Aida Šehović, Artist and Founder
Dženeta Karabegović,  Regional Coordinator
Boshko Boskovic, Curator and Producer
Edina Škaljić, Finance Director
Sheetal Prajapati (Lohar Projects), Executive Producer

Travelling coffee-cup memorial for Srebrenica's dead comes home
July 10, 2020; Reuters & New York Times (STO TE NEMA 2020)