Meditation (Manifestation)

Cotton (thread and unspun cotton), nails, glue, audio recording

Visitors were invited to listen to this audio recording while looking.

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Voices of Raji Ahsan and artist with audio editing by Manuel Martagon

The cotton, presented in three subtle but distinct forms (unspun, spun, thread), was hand spun by the artist over the course of months. Through the process of spinning, the physical quality of the material transforms, from individual feather-like fibers to durable, bound thread.

Drawing on two written works - Khadi, Why and How (1955), Mahatma Gandhi’s writings on spinning cotton as a form of economic resistance and The Religion of Man (1931), Rabindranath Tagore’s published 1930 Hibbert Lecture on human spirituality- the audio recording offers a speculative dialog meditating on collectivity as a form of resistance and liberation.

Photographs by Beatriz Meseguer