Srishti Teaching Artist Residency

November - December 2014

Srishti Winter Interim is month-long teaching residency presenting projects led by international guest artists from all across the globe at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore, India. As part of these projects, students go out into the city and explore various themes such as experimental media, public art practices, gender roles, and public space engagement. They are encouraged to view Bangalore through varying lenses, rediscover inherent cultural practices and communities around them, and thus connect with the city and its nuances. Their discoveries are represented through a range of media and their final works are representative of the combined explorations of students and artists.

From November 17 -December 20, 2014, I led a research-based project exploring the notion of self reliance as a collective act in historical and contemporary modes of political and social practice. Students learned hand spinning, visited a government-certified silk Khadi production unit, read historical and narrative texts about Gandhi's Khadi movement, counterculture, and were introduced to the work of American artists Caroline Woolard, J Morgan Puett, and others. Their explorations culminated in a exhibition including a series of individual and group projects.

Here is a blog, #SheetalatSrishti, on the project.


Student Exhibition